John Francis Ficara
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Washington DC. Singer Ricky Martin and George Bush at inaugural celebration.
Ohio: Laura Bush on the Bush campaign.
G.W. Bush campaign: Laura Bush on campaign plane.
Paris, France: Pres. Bill Clinton seated at the meeting of the G-8 Summit.
Washington, DC: Clinton Campaign Bill Clinton plays Sax at a DC nightclub.
Washington, DC: Pres. Bill Clinton and Isreali Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin walking down the Rose Garden Colonade.
Clinton Presidential Campaign
Washington, DC: Pres. Clinton at White House news conference.
Pres. Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton
Washington,DC: Pres. Clinton at a White House news conference.
Pres. Clinton campaigning
Houston, Texas: GOP Convention final night with GHW Bush at the podium.
Pres. George H. Bush exiting Air Force One.
Washington DC: Pres. George H. Bush at White House news briefing
Washington, DC: Pres. George H. Bush and first lady Barbara Bush.
Kennebunkport, Maine. Pres. George H. Bush golfing.
Washington DC: Pres. George H. Bush with members of the coalition against the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait speak in the Rose Garden.
Houston, Texas: Pres. George H. Bush out for a jog.
Washington, DC: Pres. George H. Bush speaks with Hill leaders about Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.
Washington DC: Pres. Ronald Reagan and and Pres. Mikail Gorbachav and their spouses at a private moment in the Red Room.
Washington DC: Pres. Reagan anticipates one last question before leaving the White House briefing room.
Washington DC: Pres. and Mrs. Reagan.
Washington DC: Sen. John Tower presents the Tower Report to Pres. Reagan critical of the administration's Iran Contra Policy.
Honalulu, Hawaii: Pres. Reagan takes a swim on a stop over enroute China.
Beijing, China: Toasts at the Great Hall of the People.
Deshler, Ohio: Pres. Ronald Reagan campaigning
Washington DC: Pres. Ronald Reagan works on his State of the Union speech in the Oval office.
Dublin, Ireland: Pres. Ronald Reagan stops in a local pub.
Geneva, Switzerland: Pres. Reagan and Pres. Mikail Gorbachav with interperters at the conclusion of their first summit.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Pres.and Mrs. Carter arrive at an Independance Day Rally.
Washington DC: Pres. and Mrs Carter are greeted by their grandchild on the South Lawn.
Washington DC: Pres. Jimmy Carter.
Cleveland, Ohio: Pres. Jimmy Carter campaigning.
Plains, Georgia: Pres. Jimmy Carter arrives in Plains with Press secretary Jody Powell and Zibignew Brzezinski.
Chicago, Illinois: Pres. Jimmy Carter campaigning.