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Moscow Tuba player in ceremonial marching band.
West Point, NY Female Officer at graduation ceremonies.
Eastern Sudan Famine victim at Wad Shirife refugee camp.
Mount Herzl, Jerusalem Graveside ceremony for Yitzhak Rabin.
Washington DC Premature childrens unit at Georgetown University Hospital.
Warsaw, Poland. Pope John Paul confronts Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski upon his return to his native country after becoming pope.
Barcelona, Spain Fu Mingxia from China nails her 10 meter platform dive for the Gold medal.
Washington DC Sen. George McGovern retires from politics.
Jerusalem View at the Wailing Wall.
Saudi/Iraqi border Egyptian troops practice germ warfare manuvers in the buildup to war.
Dover, Delaware Returning servicemen ceremonies.
Seoul, S. Korea: Florence Joyner crosses the finish line to win Gold Medal in the 200m.
Annapolis, Maryland Traditional tossing of the caps at graduation ceremony.
Saudi Arabia Member of the 1st cavalry prepares for morning watch.
Washington DC Nation of Islam security at the Million Man March.
Barcelona, Spain British runner Derek Redmond a medal favorite is helped across the finish line by his father who ran down from the stands when his son pulled a muscle in his qualifying heat at the Olympics.
Moscow Evening strollers in Red Square.
Washington DC Chief Justice Warren Burger moments before a press conference announcing his retirement from the Supreme Court.
Washington DC Union demonstrators at the US Capital.
Saudi Arabia Desert dawn watch for 1st calvary soldier.
Seoul, S. Korea: Carl Lewis winning the Gold Medal in the Long Jump.
Mt. St. Helens, Washington Aerial view of Mount Saint Helens days after eruption.
Washington DC The Speakers Lobby at the US Capital.
GOP Convention final night with GHW Bush at the podium.
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