John Francis Ficara
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Moscow, USSR: Tuba player in ceremonial marching band.
West Point, NY: Female Officer at graduation ceremonies.
Eastern Sudan: Famine victim at Wad Shirife refugee camp.
Mount Herzl, Jerusalem: Graveside ceremony for Yitzhak Rabin.
Washington DC: Premature childrens unit at Georgetown University Hospital.
Warsaw, Poland: Pope John Paul confronts Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski upon his return to his native country after becoming pope.
Barcelona, Spain: Fu Mingxia from China nails her 10 meter platform dive for the Gold medal.
Washington DC: Sen. George McGovern retires from politics.
Jerusalem: View at the Wailing Wall.
Saudi/Iraqi border: Egyptian troops practice germ warfare manuvers in the buildup to war.
Dover, Delaware: Returning servicemen ceremonies.
Seoul, S. Korea: Florence Joyner crosses the finish line to win Gold Medal in the 200m.
Annapolis, Maryland: Traditional tossing of the caps at graduation ceremony.
Saudi Arabia: Member of the 1st cavalry prepares for morning watch.
Washington DC: Nation of Islam security at the Million Man March.
Barcelona, Spain: British runner Derek Redmond a medal favorite is helped across the finish line by his father who ran down from the stands when his son pulled a muscle in his qualifying heat at the Olympics.
Moscow,USSR: Evening strollers in Red Square.
Washington DC: Chief Justice Warren Burger moments before a press conference announcing his retirement from the Supreme Court.
Washington DC: Union demonstrators at the US Capital.
Saudi Arabia: Desert dawn watch for 1st calvary soldier.
Seoul, S. Korea: Carl Lewis winning the Gold Medal in the Long Jump.
Mt. St. Helens, Washington: Aerial view of Mount Saint Helens days after eruption.
Washington DC: The Speakers Lobby at the US Capital.
Houston, Texas: GOP Convention final night with GHW Bush at the podium.