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Washington DC. Singer Ricky Martin and George Bush at inaugural celebration.
Ohio: Laura Bush on the Bush campaign.
G.W. Bush campaign. Laura Bush on campaign plane.
Paris, France. Pres. Bill Clinton seated at the meeting of the G-8 Summit.
Washington, DC. Clinton Campaign Bill Clinton plays Sax at a DC nightclub.
Washington, DC. Pres. Bill Clinton and Isreali Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin walking down the Rose Garden Colonade.
Clinton Presidential Campaign
Pres. Clinton at White House news conference.
Pres. Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton
Pres. Clinton at a White House news conference.
Pres. Clinton campaigning
GOP Convention final night with GHW Bush at the podium.
Pres. George H. Bush exiting Air Force One.
Washington DC. Pres. George H. Bush at White House news briefing
Pres. George H. Bush and first lady Barbara Bush.
Kennebunkport, Maine. Pres. George H. Bush golfing.
Washington DC. Pres. George H. Bush with members of the coalition against the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait speak in the Rose Garden.
Houston, Texas. Pres. George H. Bush out for a jog.
Washington, DC. Pres. George H. Bush speaks with Hill leaders about Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.
Washington DC. Pres. Ronald Reagan and and Pres. Mikail Gorbachav and their spouses at a private moment in the Red Room.
Washington DC. Pres. Reagan anticipates one last question before leaving the White House briefing room.
Washington DC. Pres. and Mrs. Reagan.
Washington DC. Sen. John Tower presents the Tower Report to Pres. Reagan critical of the administration's Iran Contra Policy.
Honalulu, Hawaii. Pres. Reagan takes a swim on a stop over enroute China.
Beijing, China. Toasts at the Great Hall of the People.
Deshler, Ohio. Pres. Ronald Reagan campaigning
Washington DC. Pres. Ronald Reagan works on his State of the Union speech in the Oval office.
Dublin, Ireland. Pres. Ronald Reagan stops in a local pub.
Geneva, Switzerland. Pres. Reagan and Pres. Mikail Gorbachav with interperters at the conclusion of their first summit.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pres.and Mrs. Carter arrive at an Independance Day Rally.
Washington DC. Pres. and Mrs Carter are greeted by their grandchild on the South Lawn.
Washington DC. Pres. Jimmy Carter.
Cleveland, Ohio. Pres. Jimmy Carter campaigning.
Plains, Georgia. Pres. Jimmy Carter arrives in Plains with Press secretary Jody Powell and Zibignew Brzezinski.
Chicago, Illinois. Pres. Jimmy Carter campaigning.
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